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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 16, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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it is the first day of school for thousands of kids in the bay area. but for many students at one south bay school, they're returning to burned buildings and replacing those are portable classrooms. anne makovec at trace
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elementary where students and teachers are moving forward. >> reporter: this is the property where the old school stood and where part of the campus still stands around you can see the charred post of the old building as the construction continues as well on the makeshift trace elementary as a new school year begins. a new school year never looked so, well, new here at trace elementary. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> reporter: it is a new year and a brand new set of portable classrooms. >> this is the first day of school. and we want to make our school better. >> reporter: it is already better than what it looked like six weeks ago after an overnight fire ravaged much of the elementary school building. >> it catched on fire. >> ha did you think when that happened? -- what did you think when that happened? >> i cried. >> so did a lot of people. everything from books to tables to computers was lost. $10million worth of damage. >> i think it was sad.
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but now, we got it fixed and stuff. >> thanks to over $100,000 in donations, and some quick construction work. >> i already knew the whole site, so once we found out about it, they rushed me over to help get this thing happening. >> they had to build the first and second grade classrooms, makeshift cafeteria and a library on a field across dina avenue. and hire a full-time crossing guard to help kids make it
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safely across. >> we wanted to figure out as we moved forward what is best for the students and the facilities so we are going to be asking the hard questions and ask the tough questions. >> and we are planned to deal whatever happens and the emergencies. >> i'm kind of nervous.
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>> what are you nervous about? >> i'm going to school. i never went there before. >> despite the first day jitters there is still a child- like honesty like this response to the school's demise. >> sad. >> we really liked school. >> reporter: and with that, the students bounce back ability is just as strong as that of the school, and they say on the intercom announcements -- >> have a fabulous first day. >> reporter: now, they plan to have a permanent and brand new school building here within two years but as we all know in this time of tight budgets that is a tall order. they have a couple of facebook pages where they're taking donations and accepting cash and any school supplies. allen? >> and i know the building was historic. it just goes to show, school is not just the building itself. it really isn't. >> much more than bricks and mortar, that's for sure. >> ma'am ma'am sure -- anne makovec in san jose, thank you. people are calling it a tragic accident. contra costa county coroner identified the dead man as 19- year-old justin deyoung of alamo. and police say he is try tock jump on a slow-move -- trying to jump on a slow-moving suv at the last minute and rode a short distance on the side running board before losing his balance. >> apparently hanging on the side of a car. fell off. and that happened on glenn road. and deceased as a result of the injuries. >> police say it is not clear yet whether deyoung hit his head or whether the car ran over him. police say his decision to jump on the car was spontaneous after his friends told him where they were going. today, investigators say they don't plan to charge an offroad racer whose truck crashed into spectators over the weekend killing eight people in lucerne valley south of barstow saturday night during the annual california 200 rice. safety inspectors want to know how this happened. kenneth gibson shows us how close spectators were standing to all of the ac action. >> reporter: amateur video shows very little crowd control moments before one truck took a jump at high speed and plowed
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into spectators. >> hey, everybody off the track. >> reporter: one of the victims was 20-year-old danika ranvich who was there with her 15-year- old sister cheyenne. >> she was everything to me. she helped me with everything. she was my best friend. it is hard to lose her. >> and where the accident happened, that was the best place to watch the trucks soar through the air. >> i just thought it would be fun to be close. and it was a big mistake. >> her father says he warned his daughter not to get too close and questioning why the spectators were not held back. >> there was nothing stopping the people or holding them back. and some were reaching out a hand and trying to touch the back of the truck as it went by. >> brandon issued a statement on his facebook page saying so incredibly lost and devastated,
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my thoughts and prayer goes out to all of the families and friends involved. police say alcohol was in the a factor. there are no plans to -- was not a factor. there are no plans to charge the driver with a crime. four people are being treated from wounds with three separate shootings in oakland. the conditions range from stable to critical and the first shooting happened before 9:00 last night near aroyo recreation center. an hour later another person was shot in an attempted robbery near the border and at 11:00, another person was shot and that person is in critical condition this afternoon. and a concord man is in custody after planting pipe bombs at a city park. >> and concord police say an informant led them to timothy wilson's home and a search of the home turned up materials consistent with three pipe bombs found at new hall park last month. the bomb squad safely detonated all of the explosives. no word on a motive but wilson is in jail and martinez, the
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bail is set the $730,000. this morning, proposition 8 supporters made a last ditch effort to resume gay marriage this week. and there is a repeal of the judge's decision to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage. and the judge ruled last week that gay couples can marry while the caseworks its way through the appeals process and says gay marriages can resume on wednesday but prop 8 supporters said today that they should be put on hold during appeals. more teaching jobs at risk in california. what could hold up a big chunk of federal aid to save positions in the state school system. left behind. which group of kids are not getting help in the fight against childhood obesity. and kids are headed back to school. it still doesn't feel like summer. what gives? well, today, we do have temperatures that will be slightly warmer, but cooler air is not far behind. your seven-day forecast is coming up.
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million dollars in kickbacks from a . an apple manager is due in federal court today on charges he accepted a million dollars in kickbacks from companies in asia. and federal agents arrested paul chin divine friday and say half a dozen suppliers of iphone and ipod accessories in asia paid him for inside information to win them favorable contracts with apple. he faces more than 20 charges including wire fraud and money laundering and whr-z -- and a separate lawsuit filed by apple. phillip mark jop was found unresponsive in his jail cell in boston yesterday morning. and prosecutors phillip markoff's death appears to be a
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suicide. he pleaded not guilty to the shooting death of one woman. the armed robbery of another last year. and prosecutors say markoff met the women by answering ads for erotic services posted on craigslist. president obama is on the road today for a democratic campaign and fund raising trip that includes a stop in los angeles and plans to focus on the ongoing efforts to revive the economy. but as joel brown reports, his message may be overshadowed by his comments about plans for a new york mosque. >> reporter: president obama left the white house this morning on a trip aimed at convincing voters he has a plan to fix the economy. but republicans are ready to drive the discussion in a different direction. they're focusing on comments the president made friday about plans to build a block of two blocks from ground zero in new york city. >> let me be clear. as a citizen, and as president, i believe that muslims have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country. >> reporter: the next day, he
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appeared to back away from that statement. >> but that only made criticism of the white house even stronger. as republicans accused the president of being wrong and in decisive. >> if the president was going to get into this, he should have been much more clear, much more precise and you you can't be changing your position from day to day on a decision that goes to our constitution. >> reporter: the chief washington correspondent bob schieffer says the issue could hurt democrats in this fall's election. >> a lot of candidates around the country are saying, look, with the economy in the shape it is in, we need all the help we can get. and we really wish the president had not said this. >> the white house hopes putting president obama on the road will refocus americans on the plan for the economy but democrats are not taking any chances. they're prepared to go on the attack against their opponent, trying to prevent big republican gains in the fall. at the whousz, joel brown -- white house, joel brown, cbs 5. california is expected to get more than 10% of the money
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from a jobs bill signed by the president last week. the state is in line for $1.2 billion out of the $10 billion in the bill to keep teachers from being laid off. it is not clear how many teaching jobs will be saved because the state budget hasn't been passed. and the money should start arriving later this month, if the budget is approved by then. well, a lot of parents say they could use some of that money this season. still to come, a lesson in back to school shopping during a recession. and did you miss out on the sunshine this weekend? well, you are in luck. we have more in today's forecast. we will take a look at today's highs and sunny skies across the bay area coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i think it is hard for kids to go back to school and it is like, but, but, but, but what happened? >> i think what is interesting is we didn't go to school this early. >> no, after labor day. >> i feel sorry for kids now. they get out of school later and they go to school earlier. >> and paying taxes for a long time. >> and it is freezing outside. >> it. >> cool out there. but hey, let's see if we can improve that. looking out at the golden gate
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bridge, this is exactly what it looks like around sunrise this morning. a bank of clouds there. you can see as far as the forecast for today, you can see the sunshine along the coastline but keep the clouds in there as well and temperatures ranging from the upper 50s to the mid-60s. plenty of sunshine expected around the bay. with highs to the mid-70s. and speaking of sunshine, well, inland, plenty of that as well as the temperatures, a little warmer, and cooling down in the 50s tonight. drizzle back in the forecast for the bay and the coast and more clouds in the overnight hours. and a look at the visible satellite and the east bay south bay peninsula, and where do you see the clouds?
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just along the coastline here. so a few breaks of sunshine thrown in there. not completely clearing out. and you know what? not a bad day. and we will take a look and see what happened to yesterday.
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temperatures in livermore, 80 degrees. and santa rosa at 74. and san jose at 73. and san francisco at 62. and today, just a little warmer. 87 degrees in livermore. and 79 in santa rosa. and 79 in san jose. and 64 in san francisco.
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and temperatures up to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday's
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daytime highs. 74 degrees today in union city. 79 in millipitas. 75 in sunnyvale. and 80 degrees in campbell and 82 in los gatos and the lower to mid-70s in san mateo and in redwood city. east bay locations, 90 today in antioch and 90 in brentwood and 87 in danville and san ramon. these are nice temperatures. mid 80s in pleasanton and walnut creek. and 70 degrees in san leandro. san francisco, still in the 60s for today. pretty comparable to what we picked up over the weekend. especially yesterday. and the 70s in san rafael and kentville and temperatures near 80 degrees in napa, sonoma, petaluma, and also in santa rosa. and the seven-day forecast, for today, a minor warmup. just a tad. a smidgeon. and i got a little high going on here. a little bit of caffeine or chocolate. and we're cooling down all over again. friday, saturday, and sunday. and so now that i brought you down with the cooldown, how about i lift you back up. mount tam sent in by elaine, fog clearing. beautiful. if you have have a photo to share, or better yet, video, send it to us. >> that's the summer that kids are missing. >> those are the days. >> thanks, tracy.
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new evidence that programs to fight childhood obesity are working but the bad news is, they are not reaching everyone. according to researchers at ucsf, for the first time in more than three decades, childhood obesity is down in california. that's for white and asian children. it is leveled off for hispanic children. but obesity is still climbing for black and native american girls. and the study suggests the public health programs need to be made more widespread. bay area parents are doing the math. they've learned they can expect to spend hundreds of dollars on school supplies this year. linda yee will show us why some people are doing their homework before they hit the stores. >> reporter: it is a crash course in economics. a dizzies array of back to school sales. >> notebooper. scre tgo o. bes3 nothing extra. it is another 2 to $300 counting clothing or electronics. according to the national retail federation, total spending on school-aged children is expected to top $21 billion this year. nancy alvarez is shopping for her but her father is unemployed. >> we are trying to do a budget. to find cheaper things. >> how easy is that? >> it is really not that hard if you know what to choose. >> instead of going for the really expensive gel pens, you can go for these or something, you know. and it is not that hard if you know how to shop. >> reporter: and with the economy still sputtering, schools are still cutting back, forcing parents to buy less. >> and a new school year starts and the toughest lesson today will be separating the wants from the needs. >> what do you think? >> reporter: in daly city, linda yee, cbs 5. >> a remind fer you have a consumer-related -- a reminder, if you have a consumer-related question or problem, our consumer watch is open monday through friday right now, 1-888- 5 helps u. what is black and white and
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and fish and game on a wild chase ne o over the today's tip of the day with all of the mixed ones out there is the gaila melons out there right now, and one time they were hard to find but now available just about everywhere you buy produce and the peak of the season right now. like the cantaloupe, when you buy them, see the outer part, nice golden color all the way around. ha is so important. heavy for its side. with a small cavity and a lot of sugar. when you bring them home, store them on the counter, not the refrigerator. they ripe son fast. what you want to do is wait about two or three days for a s
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>> they're beautiful.
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>> they're doing okay. they're going to a zoo in oregon. beautiful. >> where is the dog that spooked them? >> in the dog house. >> exactly. >> yes. >> not our weather though. >> our weather, i've been in the doghouse for a little bit. but i think the weekend, i made up some ground. pretty nice on sunday. today, pretty mild. nice conditions but cooling down toward the end of the week. >> okay. that's it for cbs 5 eyewitness news at noon. our next newscast is ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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